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Day 2, 365 Things to do in Williamson County

August 16, 2010

It’s STILL hot!  Maybe Canoeing is just not the thing to do today.  You’ve been wanting to cool off with a sweet treat.  The perfect place to go is Sweet CeCe’s in Downtown Franklin, 500 Main Street at 5 points.  You can’t miss it, patrons are always outside, enjoying their sweet treats at the tables. Sweet CeCe’s is a delectable offering of 10 fat free yogurt flavors.  You can choose from over 40 toppings too.  The best part?  Do it yourself!  Grab a cup and head over to the soft-serve yogurt selections.  Choose one, (or two or three-who is to say you can’t mix and match)!  Move down the line to the do it yourself toppings from chocolate, nuts, syrups and yes, FRESH fruit.  Pay by the ounce, and enjoy!  You will certainly be back again and again.  For other locations, visit Sweet CeCe’s. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Tomorrow:  Get out of the heat, do some shopping!

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