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Divorce and the REALTOR®: It’s about informed decisions

October 5, 2010

I thought long and hard about obtaining a designation with a specialization in Divorce Real Estate.  It is such a sensitive subject.  Divorce is, well, emotional.  It is full of the gamut of emotions from sadness to anger, of betrayal, feelings of failure and everything in between.

I thought that I would be viewed as if I were taking advantage of couples who were going through such a tubulent time.  An ambulance chaser, so to speak.  Before going through the education for this designation, I looked back on the reasons that brought me to consider the RCS-D™ designation in the first place.

What I realized was that I was looking for a way to help divorcing couples to avoid the post divorce issues that surround real estate. With a paralegal background, having seen many issues arise because of the real estate long after the marital dissolution agreement was signed, causing stress, and more emotional turmoil was disheartening. After the divorce is final, no one should have to be affected by their ex spouses financial decisions and/or actions.  Yet, so many are, and many never knew it could happen.

Ambulance chasing?  Absolutely not.  Educating?  Absolutely.  Before either spouse makes a decsion on keeping OR selling their marital residence, they should gather information and make an informed decision that not only affects today, but the months and years to come.  My job is to help homeowners who are divorcing to gather the facts, data and information needed to make that decision with eyes wide open.

Whether the ultimate decision is to sell, or keep the marital home, when both parties are aware of the possible pitfalls and enter into their decision armed with information, I have done my job.

Divorcing Homeowners

Lori is a REALTOR® with Parks Properties in Green Hills.  Lori serves homebuyers and sellers in the Williamson and Davidson County TN areas.

She has earned her RCS-D™ (Real Estate Collaborative Specialist-Divorce) designation and  is a former paralegal with litigation and family law experience.  Lori can be reached at her office 615-383-6600, or Cell at 615-495-9218.  Let Lori help you find the comfort of knowing you’ve made it home.

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